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Tiistai 23.5.


15:00 – 15:15

The documentary Heewa engages with the danger of annihilation of Kurdish language and aims to cultivate the culture to prevent it. (S)


15:15 – 15:45

With the power of Kurdish song called Balora, the women tell about the joys and sorrows of their lives on the mountain. (K7)

Soft as Metal

15:45 – 16:15

In war zones, people don’t have fond memories of metal. Now a sculptor makes modern art from war remains to inspire joy instead of fear. (S)


16:15 – 16:30

Nasreen, a single mother living in a slum village with her children, faces many challenges from her ex-husband and the surrounding society. (K7)

Tauko 30 min


17:00 – 17:50

The documentary film Mirkut takes us into the world of cultivating the famous Qarejdakh rice that has been grown for over a thousand years. (S)

Tauko 10 min


18:00 – 18:45

Miten kulttuuri ja taide voi edistää toivoa, aktivismia ja rauhaa?

7 Symphonies of the Zagros

18:45 – 19:10

Seven is a sacred number in many religions. This documentary narrates the philosophy of 7 musical Maqams of the oldest wind instrument Shamshal. (S)

Black & White

19:10 – 19:30

A story of a young woman who doesn’t like her father’s job, but has to pick up the profession after his death. How will she manage? (K7)

Tauko 10 min

The Emigrated Birds

19:40 – 21:27

The film shows the loneliness and isolation of immigrants in Europe. The film won the best feature film award at the Druk Festival in 2021. (K12)

Keskiviikko 24.5.

Toiveiden Koulu / School of Hope

12:00 – 13:20

School of Hope is an intimate and charming portrait of optimism in the harshest of environments. (S)

Tauko 3h 40 min

Short films by Future Filmmakers

17:00 – 17:20

Films on hope and peace. Three short films that participated Sunflower film festival competition. (S)

Tauko 10 min

The Eyes of Bread

17:30 – 17:40

The problems and troubles of life are always in the way of Rojin and the caravan. (K7)

Tauko 20 min

Suddenly the Wind

18:00 – 18:10

A father goes hunting with his son, but the boy does not want to kill the birds. Instead, he tries to protect them with his kite. (S)

The Last Embrace

18:09 – 18:15

A short film about how focusing only on things online can make a family not notice life-changing events around them. (S)

Empty Frame

18:15 – 18:17

A couple is waiting for their firstborn child. They are decorating the baby room with pictures. What happens next is a big shock to everyone. (S)


18:17 – 18:30

The film tells the story of an old beekeeper who moves north with his wife to take care of her as she has Alzheimer’s disease. (K7)

The Distance Between Us

18:30 – 18:35

A short film about love and the problems that can arise in a marriage when the two parties focus solely on their own problems. (K7)


18:35 – 18:50

In the absence of healthy gender relations, society as a whole pays the price. (K12)


18:50 – 19:05

The film tells the story of a struggle against newspaper censorship in the Diyarbakir region during its state of emergency in the 1990's. (K12)

A Special Guest

19:05 – 19:25

Memories of grief and the ramifications of war collide when Ako, a 10-year-old refugee from Iraq, meets an elderly Englishwoman. (S)

Fifth Narcissus

19:25 – 19:30

A child who works as a street vendor sells Narcissus by the roadside. Each time he sells a flower a similar experience unfolds. (S)

Tauko 30 min

Song of God

20:00 – 20:57

A breathtakingly beautiful journey into the traditions of Western Iran with the 120-year-old Tanbūr player & spiritual master Ghadamyar. (S)