Words of Peace

Photo: Rasoul Khorram

Tell us your thoughts on peace

What does peace mean to you? Do you have any special memories and stories about peace? Tell us in your own words what thoughts and feelings the word peace evokes in you.

There are three ways to participate

  • Write your story as a comment on this page. We will check the comments before publishing.
  • By sending an email to info@sunfilm.fi.
  • Social Media: Share your memories, thoughts and feelings of peace in text, pictures and videos on Twitter and Instagram.

Add the hashtag #RauhanSanoja into your story and tag the Helinä Rautavaara Museum account:

Twitter: @HRmuseo;

Instagram: @helinamuseo.

This is how we will find your posts!

Note: Words of peace is not a competition. There are no rewards for stories. Anyone sending texts or other material is responsible for their own content. Inappropriate comments on this page will be deleted.

When you submit a story, you are aware that it may be published. The organisers can collect the responses, for example, into a collection that will be displayed at the event.

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