Photo Exhibition

Photo: Rasoul Khorram

My Mother’s Finnish Flowers

During the festival, Kannusali will also feature works by the festival’s producer, photographer Rasoul Khorram. Khorram, who grew up in Iranian Kurdistan, is making a statement for peace. 

Six years ago, Khorram sent flower bulbs from Helsinki to his mother Halima Khanom, who lives in Oshnavieh, in Iranian Kurdistan, on the border between Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

His mother used the bulbs to grow flowers and gave some to her neighbours. The mother, in turn, sent her son some black basil seeds. A bridge of flowers was born.

“The world does not need more weapons, but flowers and friendship,” says Khorram. “Flowers can be a bridge between countries. The world needs peace.”

Life around flowers and plants goes on. In the summer of 2020, Khorram collected sunflowers from fields owned by the City of Helsinki in Haltiala and donated them to people in the city centre. In summer 2021 and 2022, Khorram donated flower seeds to people passing by, thus spreading the message of peace.

Rasoul Khorram (b.1980, Iran) is a photographer, journalist and documentary filmmaker who aims to promote intercultural understanding through his work. Khorram has been living in Finland since 2013.