23. touko 2023


6:45 pm - 7:10 pm

7 Symphonies of the Zagros

18:45 – 19:10

Director: Parviz Rostami

Producer: Parviz Rostami & Iranian Youth Cinema Society – Kurdistan Office

Time: 24 min

Year: 2022

For ages: Suitable for all ages / S

Language: Kurdi / English subtitles

The documentary “Seven Zagros Symphonies” narrates the philosophy of seven musical Maqams of the Oldest wind instrument (Shamshal) in the life of the people of Zagros. The Seven Maqams is narrated using the monologue of an old man who spent 65 years of his life playing the Shamshal (a Kurdish wind instrument).

The story of the film is centered around the characters and the philosophy of the seven Maqams. In number of different religions, seven is regarded as the sacred number.